Carryout Number and Prices Favor Higher Corn Acreage

USDA’s World Supply and Agricultural Estimates report released this morning will likely elevate new-crop corn prices. USDA lowered the 2010-11 U.S. corn carryout by 70 million bushels to 675 million bushels, mostly due to increased ethanol use.
“Corn used for ethanol is projected 50 million bushels higher on a higher-than-expected November final ethanol production estimate and weekly ethanol data that indicate record output for December and January,” wrote USDA in the report.

U.S. Beef Imports Jump Amid Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Imports of U.S. beef to South Korea rose sharply last year from one year ago, industry data showed Sunday, as the Asian country continues a three-month-long battle to contain foot-and-mouth disease (FMD).

According to the U.S. Meat Export Federation, South Korea imported 84,822 tons of U.S. beef in 2010, up 42.6 percent from one year ago.

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